Bunch Of Bros Catch A Mako Shark On Their Fishing Trip And Bro The Fuck Out

When deep sea fishing meets Bro Sweet:

INDIAN ROCKS BEACH, Fla. (FOX 13)A group of fishermen got a lucky catch off the coast of Indian Rocks Beach this weekend.

The group of friends was coming back to shore in a boat Sunday when they spotted a suspected mako shark swimming about seven miles off Indian Rocks Beach, said Taylor Danowski. They tossed the shark some bait and the shark took it instantly, he said.

On video taken by Kellen Keglor, you can hear the excitement by everyone on the boat that the shark snatched the bait.

The video shows the shark swimming closer to the boat, then it appears to go under, and within seconds, the shark is spotted swimming away from the boat and jumping into the air several times.

“It was honestly ridiculous to see a shark that big get that high in the air that’s why we were screaming like that,” said Danowski. “We were just really stoked all of us have been wanting to catch a mako for a while; they’re rare,” he added.

Of course this dude’s name is Kellen. And I think they called one of the other dudes Taylor? So I can only assume the third is Chaz or Hunter or Jax. Just Kellen Taylor and Chaz/Hunter/Jax catching some mako sharks and bro’ing the fuck out. If their pure bro joy when the shark jumps out of the water doesn’t make you smile you got a cold dead heart man.