Islanders Fire The Most Meme-able Coach In Hockey, Jack Capuano

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Jan-17-2017 17-05-23

Oh what a day! What a glorious day! The timing is a little off being that it came following one of the team’s best performances of the season, yesterday’s 4-0 win over the Bruins [sup, like 90% of Stoolies] but none the less, Jack Capuano has coached his final game for the New York Islanders and it feels GREAT.

Though many including myself could argue Cap’s dismissal came a year or two too late, this does feel like Garth and the powers that be are using one of Maine’s finest sons as the scapegoat for what has been a horrendous year. He was given a roster that was built on hopes and dreams along with a few underachieving vets peppered in and all in all was given an unfair shot at reproducing last year’s success. In the end it was he who had to fall on the sword when reality fell short of expectations.

With assistant coach Doug Weight named interim head coach this means the hunt is on for who will replace the only coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of blogging, and if Cap’s successor can prove to be half as bloggable as Cap himself then I’ll be a happy camper. Jack was a good 70/30 bloggable/intelligence split, and you need a guy who is at least 50/50, maybe even 40/60 if you want to win on a consistent basis. Bloggable coaches are great for teams with no future, not teams with John Tavares and what was/is/might be a bright future if handled properly going forward. 8 years of hair jokes and “He lives in the GM’s basement” takes were fun and all, but it’s time for a new voice in the room, because in reality, the organization would be behind the 8-ball on trying to convince JT to remain an Islander if Cap is still at the helm.

His hair, his one suit and tie combo, the way he pronounces his R’s, chip and chase hockey, the way he couldnt properly manage his timeouts. I’m going to miss it all. Au revoir Jacques