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Jamie Benn Takes His Frustrations Out On Not One, Not Two, But Three Innocent Sticks

But wait….there’s more!

So Jamie Benn, how’s your day/season going? Not as fun as last year, I’d reckon. 41 goals, 48 assists, and a first place Dallas Stars club last season….10 goals and a losing record half way through the year this season. And I guess he’s now reached his boiling point, demolishing not 1, not 2, but 3 beautiful sticks over his knee during a Monday loss to the Sabres.

I’ll give him credit though- if he makes this his “thing”, I think it could be a big hit. Every superstar needs a “thing”. Every so often you see a twig get snapped, but 3 in a game might be a record. Let’s just hope he doesn’t also set the record for taking off his skate and trying to stab someone…but I’m not ruling anything out.