Soft Ass Mayor de Blasio Sent The Mayor Of Green Bay Supplies To Fix The Lambeau Field Wall That Odell Beckham Punched A Hole In

C1sXhxrVQAECZ2w Apparently New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t waiting for the Giants to conclude their investigation into who put a hole in the wall outside of the visitors’ locker room at Lambeau Field last week. De Blasio sent drywall, plaster and a trowel to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt to repair the hole that was caused when Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly punched the wall after the team’s 38-13 loss to the Packers in a Wild-Card game last Sunday. The supplies were sent in addition to cheesecake and bagels, which were the initial stakes in the mayors’ bet. If the Giants had won, Schmitt would have sent de Blasio Titletown root beer, cheese curds and brats. Schmitt expressed his disappointment about Beckham’s damage to the historic city-owned stadium, according to

What a HUGE pussy move out of Weak Willy. No wonder basically everyone in New York City hates his guts. Sure Odell didn’t have to punch a hole in the wall. But he did. Shit happens in the heat of the battle and you move on. No need to apologize for what you may have done. And you certainly do not apologize for what someone else did. That’s like cutting another man’s grass or taking over his grill. Major no no. Stay your lane de Blasio and stick to making stupid ass mayor bets with the other mayors while you still have the title. Trump may get a lot of heat for what he says and tweets, but there is no way he would have pulled a stunt like this. In fact he probably would have sent some goons to knock down the rest of the wall down and maybe a couple of hookers to piss on the rubble.

That being said, Go Pack Go tomorrow. I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl as long as it’s not the Cowboys.