Plus-Size Model Iskra Lawrence Dancing On The Beach Is Prettttay Prettttay Pretty Good

First things first, that’s not a plus-size model, right? Feel like we’re throwing that term around a little too loosely these days. Ashley Graham done gone and fucked up the whole curve. If that’s a plus-size model then what the hell are all the other chicks who are way bigger than her? Is the “plus-size” designation like the heavyweight division where it just doesn’t have a ceiling? That must be it. All I know it that all the girls who are bigger than Iskra Lawrence have to hatttttttttttttttttte Iskra Lawrence. She’s all sexy AF flaunting here toned body and giant ass on the beach giving me all sorts of feels. Which brings me to what I wanted to say and that is that I’m in love with Iskra Lawrence. If this is what we’re considering as plus-size then the market for plus-size is being widely underutilized. I feel like people see plus-size and run away as fast as they can. Not me. I’m ready to sprint towards it and have it embrace me. I’m no longer afraid.