Bryce Harper Is Deadlifting 505 Pounds But The Internet Is Very Unhappy With His Form

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Picking up 505 pounds and putting it back down again- impressive. However, classic mistake by Bryce Harper here. Don’t go on Instagram and post a picture of you lifting outrageous amounts of weight if your form isn’t up to par. Doesn’t matter if you admit that your form sucks, the people will not be happy about it.

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And there’s like…800 more comments about it. Most are surprisingly nice. I was actually shocked it wasn’t more people like “hardo fuckboi FOH with dis shyt”. It is mostly people being like “any trainer who will let you lift like this is a fucking idiot”. And obviously they aren’t wrong. As a professional weight lifter myself, you have to be smarter than this. Lifting 505 pounds for the ‘Gram ain’t worth it if you’re 2 seconds away from blowing your back out. So while the lift is impressive, let’s try to be a little smarter about it.