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Steve Carell Reminded Me How Much I Miss Michael Scott With An A++++ Presentation At The Golden Globes

To be clear, I hadn’t “forgotten” how much I loved Michael Scott. That’s impossible to do, as he’s one of the greatest characters in the history of television, perhaps even the greatest. But sometimes you take something beautiful for granted, you know? Every hot chick has a guy who’s tired of fucking her, or whatever. Well I’ve been with Michael Scott for so long that I sometimes underrate his greatness, if that makes sense. I’ve gone to bed with old Office episodes every night for as long as I can remember. I’ve just gotten used to it all. But last night was such an unreal reminder. I laughed harder at that presentation than I’ve laughed at most TV shows that have aired since Michael Scott moved to Colorado. It was flawless. The delivery and the timing and the mannerisms were absolutely off the charts. I know there’s no Golden Globe for Best Presentation at the Golden Globes but if the producers had a lick of judgement they would’ve added that and snuck it in at the end.