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I Hate Every Lucky Bastard Who Was At This John Mayer Show Where Dave Chappelle Showed Up, Told Prince Stories and Sang Nirvana

HS- Mayer played an incredibly hush-hush, intimate set at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles where he debuted several batches of new material from the upcoming record. And as an extra-special treat, he was joined by Dave Chapelle, because really, why not? The two of them then proceeded to lead the crowd in a rendition of Nirvana’s iconic “Come As You Are,” for reasons that remain blissfully mysterious. Here’s hoping that it makes the final version of the album. John Mayer’s The Search for Everything is set to drop on January 20.


Well that’s some BULLSHIT. Absolute and utter BULLSHIT. No big deal. Just one of my favorite music artists of all time hanging out with one of my favorite stand up comedians of all time. Swapping stories, signing songs, sharing laughs. I should be happy for the people who were lucky enough to be at this show but I’m not. I couldn’t be less happy for them. I hope all of the worst things in the world happen to them That’s how bitter I am about this. I hope there were people there who were too drunk to remember Dave Chappelle showing up and it eats at them for the rest of their lives. That sounds really mean but it’s how I fell and I can’t help that. By the way, I’m really hoping something like this happens to me now that I’m in NYC. You always hear of people going to tiny New York comedy clubs on a random Tuesday and in walks Louis CK. I’m gonna need that to happen to me sooner than later. I would much rather have that NYC experience than the one where I get lost on the subway, make and lose a friend and it takes me 2 1/2 hours to get to my apartment.

PS- I need John Mayer’s new album to drop more than I’ve ever needed anything.