Well, That Was Painful

ISU fans


Everybody loves the NCAA Tourney, and hates it for the same reason. Who wouldn’t love to watch that matchup in a best of 7. One game though, and that’s it for Iowa State. Hogue was spectacular, and really made up for a poor game out of Ejim and am absent Niang.

Credit goes to UConn, if you hit that many shots, you deserve to win. Seven 3’s in the first half were too much for the Cyclones to handle. Napier is a dude. The guy breaks ankles and had a helluva game.

Currently how I feel in a metaphoric manner.

Big 12 Tournament: Iowa State v. Kansas

At least DeAndre still gets to go home to this.

Kane gf

One of the best seasons in Iowa State history regardless. Still very proud to be a Cyclone fan, and still very hopeful that Freddie will be around for another Tourney run next year. Not wasting a second being bitter, Iowa State flat out got beat tonight. Boys, it was fun while it lasted.