Getting Twitter Murdered By The Wendy's Twitter Handle Is A Rough Way To Start 2017





Come at the queen you best not miss! Murdered for questioning the temperature of a fast food chain’s beef. Senseless violence. I love when corporate Twitter accounts get sassy. I can’t imagine spending my day listening to a bunch of morons bitch and moan about God knows what and not being able to fight back. The only people worse than those complainers are the people that troll corporate accounts like this guy. Which is why I love Wendy showing off her fiery ginger persona with the heat of a Spicy Chicken sandwich. Now people know if they want to get smart with Wendy, there is a chance they end up in a Twitter bodybag. Maybe this will spur the change the world needs and people will stop being such dicks on Twitter.

Actually there’s a 0.00000% chance of that happening but I bet we get more Twitter murders in the near future from corporate accounts since these tweets will definitely lead to the sale of more of those glorious never frozen (but definitely jusssst above 32 degrees) square burgers today. I’ve been thinking about having Wendy’s for lunch since I started this blog. If Wendy keeps killing people on social media, I will have no choice but to support her byeating her burgers.

And even if she doesn’t, I will probably have to keep eating her burgers. That redheaded siren has me by the balls.