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If You Try To Guard A Little Person Dribbling A Basketball In The Streets Of New York, Your Ankles Just May Get Shattered

Skip To My Lou, Pee Wee Kirkland, and Little Man In Red That Crossed Gillian Jordan To Hell And Back. All New York streetball legends. Poor Gillian probably ventured all the way to the city to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, maybe catch a Broadway show and finish it off by hitting a nice Starbucks on the way home with her girlfriends. Little did she know that this little son of a bitch was wandering the streets looking to put her on skates and the smut blogs. If it was me, I would have either run in the other direction or tried to take the charge. But not Gillian. Ball is clearly life for her, even though her jean jacket wearing teammate hung her out to dry by bailing and leaving her in an iso situation with The Professor Jr. Then again, if Gillian took this guy’s cookies in the streets, she would instantly become a legend in her own right. In the end though, Gillian is just lucky this didn’t happen at the Rucker another 130 or so blocks north. Airhorns would have been blaring and at least 1,000 of Harlem’s finest would have been laughing in her face. Sometimes the littlest wins are more important than the biggest losses.

And what was up with that dude just chilling in the middle of the street? Only thing I can think of is that it was this guy’s personal basketball Mr. Miyagi. My “fake video” radar is beeping loudly because people like that end up splattered on the side of a yellow taxi in a New York minute.

UPDATE: It turns out this is indeed a little person, so I give Gillian a billion times more credit for trying to make the big stop on defense against New York’s Tyrion Lannister of the blacktop. Trying to stop a little person from crossing you when they own every possible advantage when it comes to center of gravity is nothing short of honorable and makes jean jacket girl’s #Me7o-soft help defense that much more inexcusable. At the end of the day, I guess Gillian is the real winner since she gets all the Retweets and Likes on Twitter. Play on, playa.

P.S. Nate Robinson ain’t got shit on Mani Love. Ups for days!