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Stoolies Have To Go Pick Up Their Pizza From The Delivery Driver After He Gets Arrested En Route

Incredible, incredible level of dedication from these guys. Once I order food then that’s it, I’m not moving. Either a meal will be brought to where I can grab it in seven steps or I will die of hunger, there are no other options. Doesn’t matter if it takes them three hours to deliver it, doesn’t matter if my cupboards are full, and it doesn’t matter if they buzz the front door and say “delivery’s here” because they don’t want to bring it up, I just reply “OK, third floor.” So I can’t imagine how I’d deal with getting a, “Hey…. ummm…. I’m getting arrested so you gotta come pick this pizza up” call. I’d probably tell the guy to eat as much as he can then place another order but all I can say for certain is that there’s a zero percent chance I’d go pick it up. I ordered delivery, if I wanted to go on an adventure for my food I’d play Oregon Trail.

Hopefully Dominos gives these guys free pizza for life or something, they deserve it after a journey like that.

h/t Joe