Hot Italian News Host In A Short Skirt Conveniently Forgets You Can See Through Glass Tables, Wink Wink

Daily MailIt’s not the news flash this Italian journalist expected to give when she read the headlines.

Costanza Calabrese appeared to momentarily forget she was sat at a glass desk when she presented the day’s news in Italy, and flashed her underwear to the watching public.

Oh my god how did this super hot TV anchor who definitely hasn’t seen how viral super hot TV anchors can go on the internet when they wear revealing outfits and advance their careers significantly not notice that her underwear was visible and she was sitting under a glass table?!?!!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 12.09.42 PM

Crazy how that stuff can happen.

Almost as bad as how Yanet Garcia didn’t notice her gigantic ass was squeezed into way too tight of a dress every single day on television.