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Putting Your Little Brother On Blast For Cheating On His Online Video Game Girlfriends Is A Vicious Move

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I know what the fuck Roblox is or if this kid is lying. But just let me say that if anyone pulled this shit on me as a kid, they would be my arch-nemesis for life. Granted I didn’t have a video game like Roblox. But I had the AOL Lesbian Chat Room. And if someone recorded me trying to pile up lesbian girlfriends to have cybersex with back in the old AOL days, my entire existence would be centered around getting revenge (while also continuing to accumulate as many virtual girlfriends of possible, obviously). There are just some lines you don’t cross as a big brother in my opinion. Matters of the heart, whether virtual or real life, should be off limits. If your little brother wants to rack up more chicks than DMX from What These Bitches Want, let him. And if you want to record a video of you embarrassing the shit out of him, that’s fine. But don’t post it on the internet. You gotta save that type of leverage for situations where big brother strength and the threat of a beatdown won’t do. That’s in page 6 of the Big Brother Handbook.

P.S. That kid is a fucking virtual piiiiiimp. Those Roblox hoes were knocking down the doors and walls to get a piece of him. “My friend left the door open” has to be the oldest excuse in the Roblox book. Those chicks were in HEAT.