One Falmouth High School Hockey Player Killed And His Teammate Seriously Injured In A Car Accident Leaving Practice

FALMOUTH (CBS) — One member of the Falmouth High School hockey team was killed and another is fighting for his life after their car struck a tree Thursday night. The crash happpened on Thomas Landers Road. Authorities arrived to find two teens trapped in a car. The driver, a 17-year-old from East Falmouth, was killed. His friend and teammate, the passenger in the car, was taken to Rhode Island Hospital with life-threatening injuries. WBZ-TV’s Nicole Jacobs reported that the two teens in the car were both well-known athletes at the school. Falmouth High’s athletic director confirmed both were members of the school’s hockey team. They had just left practice and were heading home before the single-car crash happened.

Didn’t expect to be crying this morning but here we are. Incredibly, incredibly sad story here because it hits so close to home. Not just speaking by proximity, but I’d guarantee that just about everyone reading this can remember that feeling of leaving last practice before a little holiday break. Music blasting, smiles all around, maybe discussing a party or something that’s coming up this weekend… we’ve all been in that car. Every single one of us. You’re a teenage and you’re invincible and you’ve got the world by the walls. To have this happen at any point, but especially around the holidays, is just so goddamn sad. I’m crushed right now. Crushed. Please make sure you say a prayer for their families and the friend and teammate who’s fighting for his life in the hospital.

Also shoutout to the Massachusetts high school hockey community. Really awesome to see everyone rally behind Falmouth like this last night.