George Karl Said Carmelo Anthony And Kenyon Martin Sucked Cause They Didn't Have Fathers To Show Them How To Act Like Men

George Karl is coming out with a book and trying to drum up press for it, and this is what comes out of it? Because, as Coley said, his parenting really tuned his kid into a Hall of Famer. Or maybe his son was just blessed to be unburdened by money, seeing that he never made a cent in the league. Karl could have just shit on Anthony the good old fashioned way, sniping him for his dedication or lack of defensive prowess. He did have some things to say on the subject;

He was also a user of people, addicted to the spotlight and very unhappy when he had to share it.

Sure, it’s classic book stuff; shitting on people you have known your whole life. But coming at someone for something they can’t control is a little beyond the pale. Equating not having a father to not having resounding success in the NBA isn’t really statistically accurate. And it’s wildly inconsistent. What about LeBron James or Kevin Durant or Shaquille O’Neal? And since it’s clearly a veiled racist thing by Karl, what about Larry Bird? Made a ton of money, won a bunch of ‘ships, didn’t have a father. As it turns out, George Karl is just a piece of shit who’s trying to sell books.

Heck, you could argue that growing up with a father would be detriment in today’s NBA, with all the people who have been successful without one. Growing up with a dad is overrated anyway.