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Dave Portnoy...El Presidente...Originally Gave Himself The Nickname "Devilfish Dave"

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The year was 2003. Barstool Sports was just a small fledgling newspaper. A young Dave Portnoy wrote his mission statement proclaiming “For the Common Man, by the Common Man.” Deep down he knew that he needed to be cool. He needed to be funny. He needed to be edgy. He needed to represent his city.

Thats not a job that “Dave Portnoy” can do. “Dave Portnoy” doesnt sound funny, cool, or edgy.

But Devilfish Dave? Now THAT is the guy to lead the city of Boston. Thats to sort of name the evokes fear and respect. Out of all the nicknames that anybody has ever given themselves, Devilfish Dave is the one. Thats the one. Only the creative type can come up with such a catchy moniker. No wonder we’re in a 7 figure office that was built brick

by brick

by brick

by brick.

We had Devilfish Dave at the helm.

PS – The number of times Dave has posted this original manifesto and made sure to delete “Devilfish Dave” is hilarious. He definitely thought he was going to keep that hidden for eternity. The truth always comes out, Davey.