There's An Alleged Kylie Jenner/Tyga Sex Tape Out There That I Reeeeeally Want To Believe Is Real

So the site that leaked the tape Celeb Jihad has been known for making up stories in the past — a Muslim themed internet presence making up stories? I’ve never heard of such a thing personally — and you’d have to believe a Kylie sex tape would get a much bigger release with red carpet and pay walls and’s servers crashing with people cumming themselves to see what the world’s been waiting for. Watching that video one thing leaps off the screen: That is how I desperately want Kylie Jenner to fuck but I would not have believed she fucks. She’s so hot, so famous and rich, at that point based on what I know of the world I’d assume she’s full on dead fish material. So to see her working a dick like that, porn star squat and everything? I want to believe. I want. to. believe.

Also I know there already have been enough reasons to hate Tyga over the years and I’ve made that point abundantly clear in every blog about Kylie but seeing him smugly laying there while she does all the work like a fucking porn star would be so perfectly Tyga that it sickens me. Zero effort or skill, all glory, god fucking dammit.

^if the sex tape included the Christina Aguilera outfit I would have taken ten jerk breaks midblog, not even joking.