Two Kids Get Into A VICIOUS All-Out Brawl On The Golf Course

You wanna throw punches?!?!? You wanna throw punches?!?! YOU WANNA THROW PUNCHES?!?! And then the weakest punches in the world get thrown. Laugh out loud funny stuff. When the one kid took his club and smacked the other kid’s bag after the fight was over I almost pissed my pants. Just pure rage. Anyway. That fat kid with the Texas visor needs to R-E-L-A-X. He’s the worst type of person in the world to play golf with. I understand wanting to play by the rules and golf is a gentleman’s game and all that but there’s nothing worse than playing golf with a guy who forces everyone to follow every single rule. It’s exhausting. Especially if your’e just out there to hit the ball around and get drunk. This isn’t the PGA Tour. This isn’t the Tour. This isn’t anything. Let’s just enjoy our time together outdoors and get extremely hammered. That’s really what golf is all about. That fat kid thinks he’s doing the right thing, and maybe he is, but he is going to be playing golf alone really soon. Nobody likes that guy.