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The Latest Viral Trend Is The "Insta-Sit"...Literally Just Sitting Down And Taking A Picture

The SUNEVER wondered how the ‘IT-girls’ on Instagram get all the likes? It all boils down to knowing how to work the angles.

And the latest trend sweeping the social media world is the ‘Insta-sit,’ which is becoming popular with bikini bloggers and models as it lengthens limbs and shows off tans.

The Insta-sit involves a half crossed-leg position, with one leg out stretched and the other tucked under the other.

Recently the new pose has been seen on the accounts of Instagram stars such as Gabby Epstein and model Alexis Ren, who both boast millions of followers on the site.

Daily Mail - Forget the ‘wistful gaze’, now it’s all about the INSTA SIT! The flattering new social pose that the it-girls simply can’t get enough of… so would you give it a go?

The Instagram Sit is the latest pose beloved by bikini bloggers on social media. It’s characterised by sitting down, outstretching one leg and tucking the other in. The pose is popular with the likes of Pia Muehlenbeck and Gabby Epstein. Photographer, James Day, explained why so many women are fans of the pose. According to Mr Day, it’s all about angles – the pose is relaxed but angled. It is also a huge leg lengthener and very slimming – as well as showing off a tan

The latest trend sweeping social media is…sitting down! And taking a picture!

God I love the internet. Where nothing just “is.” It’s either a VIRAL TREND or nothing at all. We’re at a point where “sitting down, outstretching your leg and tucking the other in” is a craze getting picked up by mainstream media outlets.

I mean I don’t hate the examples they’re showing me, I will say that. Don’t hate it one bit.

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Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 9.32.40 AM

Just think if I’m gonna be blasted with articles about viral trends they should be a little more creative than “not standing.”