Nobody Has Ever Looked More Outta Place Than Liam Hemsworth In The Miley Cyrus Family Christmas Photo

Awwwwwwwkard. You know how every family has that fuck-up cousin who shows up to every holiday gathering looking like…….well looking like the fuck-up cousin? You know who I’m talking about. And if you don’t then there’s a good chance you’re the fucked up cousin. Tats on his face and neck, smelling like a mixture of cigs, weed and BO, greasy hair and always talking about the great new business venture he just bought into? Yeah that guy. Well in the Miley Cyrus family, it’s completely flipped. It’s like Bizarro Christmas over there. A place where a clean-cut handsome dude like Liam Hemsworth is the weird out-of-place one in a sea of fuck-up cousins. Liam looks like a cardboard cut out next to the rest of those people. He shouldn’t be there. Why is he there? Seriously. Is he being held hostage? He could literally have any chick in the world and he’s still hanging around with whatever Miley Cyrus is nowadays. Somebody needs to slap him across the face and tell him the deal. Get outta there man! Be free! Go fuck a Hadid sister! Go fuck both Hadid sisters! That’s how good looking you are! You don’t have to live like this!