Fran McCaffery Pulls Iowa Off The Floor After Win And Refuses To Let His Team Shake Hands With North Dakota

A couple things. One, Fran is gonna take a whole lot of shit for this move. It’s probably already happening. Pulling your team off the floor after a win and refusing to let them shake hands with the other teams is a rough look for any coach. The media is going to drag him through the coals and call him a big meanie cry baby. And you know what? I don’t give a shit.I really don’t. I love our big meanie cry baby. Fran can be a crazy person sometimes and that’s just the way it is. The dude can be massive dickhead and I love it. I love him being so pissed at the other team for trying to make a buzzer beater (when they were down ELEVEN) that he marches off the court in anger. By the way, who tries to strip the ball away from the other team with 5 seconds left and down 11? That’s also a dickhead move imo. And then, if you notice, when the North Dakota player makes it his coach makes the “count it” sign like it fucking matters. Get outta my face dude. On top of that there were hard fouls late that Fran didn’t like. It was a culmination of things that happened throughout the game. I couldn’t be more on board with how Fran reacted.

Again, Fran will get heat for this for the next 12 hours but whatever. He freaks out every once in awhile and does this stuff. I’ll take Fran being a poor winner over Todd Lickliter being a passive loser every day of the damn week. Not to mention handshake lines are fucking stupid. Whats is this? Little league? Go Hawks.