This Middle-Aged Lady Went BALLISTIC On A Dance Floor At Her Holiday Party

Check out this lady getting absolutely WILD out there, nice view to count the rings on her taint to guess how old she is:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.34.56 PM

But overall I love the vibes this lady is putting out there at a company holiday party. You expect this kind of behavior from a woman like her, maybe not to the degree that she’s twerking out of her panties like this gal here, but you want to see the big gal from HR or accounting getting wild on the dance floor when the booze is flowing amongst coworkers. That’s how you know you’re at a company holiday party, it’s half party and half social experiment where you get a shitload of people from completely different backgrounds together all liquored up and see what happens. It may be this chick Wobbling around until she ends up with her bowling pin calves pinned back behind her ears with a 23-year-old account executive daring to enter her generous chasms but the important thing is everyone in that company is richer for the experience. Without ladies like this making their three glasses of white zin-induced sacrifice, office holiday parties simply can’t live up to the hype.

Conversely this was probably the most exciting moment at the Barstool holiday party this year. I fully admit I may have been deep in the bag but you can see here how enthralled I got as our production dude Ben hit 7 beer pong shots in a row:

If he hit that last shot and some 230 pound divorcee twerked on the table to celebrate, wouldn’t our party have been approximately 10 times better on the spot? I’d say so. Every office party you should thank big sloppy drunk divorcees for their service just like we do the troops.

(h/t BB)