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Of Course The New Musical From "It's Always Sunny" Involves The Gang Morphing Into A Family Of Black People

The gang just doing the damn thing and getting away with it in glorious fashion. Again. The promo is only 20 sec long, but you get the gist of the weird and wild stuff that’s about to come. South Park still holds the top spot of “They probabbbbllllyyy shouldn’t be able to say/do that on TV, but whatever” shows, but It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia isn’t that far off. What couldn’t they do at this point and receive some sort of backlash? They could’ve legit done this show in blackface and thrown out every dark KFC, watermelon, and extra muscle in the legs comments in the stereotypical book and absolutely nothing would’ve happened. They could dress Frank Reynolds up as a literal “Porch Monkey” while letting the (soft) N-bombs fly and it would possibly be A-OK. And it just shows how far the gang has come over the years (even though one of my favorite episodes was from the very first season when they take abortion head on). 12 seasons and counting with no end in sight unless Dee’s fake spin off show The Mick takes off or DeVito gets trapped in his toilet and dies. The latter is sadly more likely than the former.

Props to them for actually pulling this shit off in musical form, too. Usually when comedy goes the tunes route a la Anchorman 2 it just gets, well, fucking stupid. But judging by the greatness that was The Nightman Cometh, this black-cracker version of The West Side Story should play out fine and dandy.