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Woman Spends 4 Years Tracking Down Her Husband's Mistress And Beats Her Ass In The Middle of the Street

MirrorThis is the shocking moment a woman attacked her husband’s mistress in front of shocked police officers and claimed that she had been trying to catch her for four years.

The incident was filmed by a witness standing on the sidelines and was later uploaded to social media where it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The violence took place in an unknown Chinese city and the footage shows a group of bystanders including police surrounding the wife who grabs the alleged “homewrecker” by the hair.

‘Mistress’ found horrifically beaten on roadside ‘after her affair was discovered by cheating lover’s scorned wife’

The younger woman was caught red-handed together with the cheating spouse and was dragged onto the street for some very public punishment, according to reports.

While the wife holds the woman by the hair, she hits her with one of the victim’s own shoes and can be heard screaming: “I’ve been trying to catch you for four years.”

There are a lot of dated, overused sayings out there, but “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is one of the ones that has become a cliché for a reason – there is literally nothing a pissed off woman who has been disrespected won’t do. And that includes lying in wait for four years doing meticulous research and plotting the daily routine and walk to work of your husband’s mistress so that you can pop out at the perfect time and whoop her fucking ass. Just a beat down of epic proportions. I mean I don’t like seeing women get hit under any circumstances, even if it’s from another woman, but at least you can feel the justifiable force being used in this one. You mess with somebody’s husband, you just kind of have to assume there’s an ass beating coming from the clouds at some point.

Also people forget that there are no adultery laws in China, which is exactly why I’m on board with this. This is how cheating should be handled – just old school frontier justice. If your ass gets cheated on you don’t get to call in the professionals, don’t get to run the police and the investigators to track down all the leads for you and dish out punishment. You go out there and get it done yourself. Wild Wild West out here on these adulterous Chinese streets.