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Ezekiel Elliott Would Give Anything To Play With His College Teammates Again (Besides, You Know, Play His Entire Senior Year)

I love this tweet. Ezekiel Elliott is all up on his high horse, preaching about Fournette and McCaffrey. I believe the full quote should have been “I would do anything to play one more time with my brothers in that scarlet and gray……besides play my senior season of course. Anything besides the thing I could literally have done”.

But Zeke kept on digging:

Correct. Zeke abandoned his teammates for an entire season, not just the Poinsettia Bowl brought to you by Verizon.

The apples vs oranges people, you are wrong. Everyone does what is best for themselves. Zeke acting holier than thou when he didn’t fulfill his full commitment is insanity. Same guy who openly whined about touches and said “I’m not coming back” after they lost one game. He’s the guy preaching. And nevermind the fact none of these guys sitting out their bowl games are in the playoff or playing for anything meaningful.

Danny Kannel the provocateur somehow had a worse take though:

A+ comparison there, Danny. The paid NFL athlete who was drafted and leading his team to the actual, real playoffs Vs. the unpaid NCAA athletes. Love it.

Thing is, time to get used to this type of thing. It’s only going to start happening more and more until there is any sort of incentive for these future first rounders to get paid.