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Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey Both Sitting Out Bowl Games So They Don't Get Hurt Before The NFL...Good For Them.

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Good. Good for Fournette and McCaffery. I mean there’s just not a bigger no-brainer decision in sports than college athletes sitting out meaningless games when they have a draft coming up. How many non contact injuries do we see every week? How many torn knees? Anything can happen at literally any time you’re on the football field. These guys have spent their entire careers sacrificing their bodies for their team and their school and now they have the most important auditions/job interviews of their life coming up with careers and millions upon millions of dollars on the line. Yeah, I won’t weep for the corporate sponsors taking a hit to their billion dollar earnings for a guy sitting out a glorified exhibition game so he doesn’t shatter his kneecap and ruin the rest of his life. Fuck the Hyundai Sun Bowl. Fuck the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.