Eagles at Ravens "Put Up Or Shut Up" Live Blog

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The Ravens are out of time. There’s little to no margin of error left. Yes, they can get away with losing this game if the Bengals find a way to beat the Steelers today (which wouldn’t shock me in the least), but it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that the Ravens have had 13 games to progress and figure out what they’re capable of, and they’ve hardly done that. Now they’re backed into a corner. There are games where you need to just take care of business and this is clearly one of them. You have to beat garbage teams like the Eagles if you want to get anywhere. Anywhere for the Ravens is in an AFC North championship game next Sunday. I need to see a balanced offense, I need the defense to fill the hole that Jimmy Smith has left, and for god’s sake, just give me a goddamn Christmas day Ravens-Steelers game for the ages. Do it. Get it done.

Ravens win 27-20