Daddy/Daughter Grunge Version Of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Is A Lot Better Than It Should Be

It’s the Holidays. We’re all in misery. Hence why I didn’t expect much watching this little girl sing her Pullups off with her tatted up Dad, who may or may not have been the lead singer of Sum-41 or Lit or (insert your average ’90’s band that all sounds exactly the same). But I’ll tell ya what…not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. It’s all about the effort, and both of them leave it all out under the tree. Pops just rocking with his stocking out and Gotham could use a hero like her who actually has a father around. Well played on all fronts.

Points deducted for the Bruins poster in the background, but it wouldn’t matter. All must bow down and hail the GOAT version Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.