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Male Rugby Player Gets 3 Year Suspension For Bundling Up A Woman Referee

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ESPN – Bruno Andres Doglioli has been banned from rugby for three years after a reckless tackle on referee Maria Beatrice Benvenuti in a Serie A match in Italy. During Vicenza’s match against Valsugana, Doglioli charged at the referee and knocked her to the ground. Reports claim Benvenuti, 23, suffered whiplash from the incident. The FIR says in a statement it was a “deliberate act of violence” and has handed Doglioli the longest ban in the last two decades. It says Doglioli has failed to uphold the “founding values of our sport”.

Look, I’m a chivalrous person by nature with the female species. I open doors, pay for dinners, and even allow them to speak when spoken to. I think here I’m instinctually looking out for their well being when I say ask what kind of normal female would try to officiate a bunch of male rugby savages? These guys are the craziest of the batshit. I mean, I’m all for equal rights and women being able to chase their dreams. That seems to be the way the wind is blowing these days. After all, we have female singers, female motorists. But let’s be real here. It’s a matter of public safety for them to be within a mating call of amped up rugby players. Ladies can survive officiating and even playing football because the sport is somewhat civil. Rugby, although honorable off the field, is barbaric on the pitch. Anything and everything can go down from your average scrum (that’s 1000x more vicious and deadly than a normal fight) to guys literally bursting other people’s testicles during gameplay…and the victim STILL plays till the final whistle with the cracked nut. This woman obviously shouldn’t have been blindsided into hell and the punishment fits the crime, but if I were a petite lady I’d think twice before entering that pitch of savagery.

And, yes, I said normal female. If any of the lady beasts on the Samoan national team want to ref and/or dominate play on the men’s pitch, more power to them. FI-FIE-FO-FUM.