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I'm Gonna Need One Of These Toledo Walleye "Rocky Night" Jerseys In My Possession By The End Of The Day

For some reason unknown, the Toledo Walleye are having a ‘Rocky Tribute Night’ in January. An ECHL hockey team. In Toledo. Is having a tribute night about a fictional boxer. From Philadelphia. I would maybe be able to make a little bit of sense out of this if it were last year when “Creed” came out. But this is just as random as random gets. That’s besides the point, however, because the fact remains that I need one of these bad boys in my possession as ASAP as possible. This is the type of jersey that you sleep in. The type of jersey that you wear to a wedding or any other formal occasion. The type of jersey you get buried in when you finally die. Rocky. Hockey. Makes me feel all tingly near my cocky.

Speaking of the Toledo Walleye, we have an Emergency Dangle Days Recap to bring to you all after this Jacob MacDonald game-winning shootout goal.



Mother of god… the “Forsberg” is such a timeless classic that nobody really ever has the balls to mess with it. That is, of course, until Jacob MacDonald decided to add a little extra “fuck you” to the move and forced this poor goalie into early retirement.

P.S. – While you’re at it, also add one of these to my jersey order.

h/t Tim