Trump Supporter And The Guy He Sucker Punched At A Rally Hug It Out In Court

There we go! Hug it out! Get all up in there and feel the warmth of each other’s bodies. Don’t be shy. That’s the world we should be living in. Black, white, pro Hillary, pro Trump, whatever. None of that matters when you hug it out. Just two human beings on this giant blue rock in the middle of nowhere looking to each other for comfort. #TeamHug out here solving deep and complicated issues with a simple gesture. It’s like the guy said, they could’ve brawled right there in the courtroom, but what good would that do? That just makes things 100x worse. A hug though? A hug makes everything 100x better. If a guy who got sucker punched in the face can put that aside and hug the man who did it then every little thing is gonna be alright. I mean probably not but I hope it is.

PS- Do I wanna know what those two said about each other to their friends when they got home from court? No I do not. I prefer to live in Candy Land where a single hug can solve our deep racial divide and make everything better. It’s nice here Delusional Land. Great weather.