Guiltiest Couple In The World Gets Caught Cheating At Rockets Game

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 7.02.33 AM

I always wondered how so many people get caught cheating, but this is how. It happens because people are unequivocally moronic. If these Cheaters McCheatersons continue to stroll down the little path to their seats, no one knows who they are this morning. If they casually stroll to their seats they look like any other normal, not cheating couple in the world, not like they just got done fingering each other in the car in the parking lot because the danger of cheating was just too steamy to resist parking lot fingering.

Because they acted like they were receiving gunfire in front of the mural of James Harden, now their actual partners will see them all over facebook, twitter, and reluctantly, barstool sports. We don’t like to be a part of couples breaking up (we are a site that promotes love and caring) but it’s out of our hands at this point. Nothing we can do about it.