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Scary Moment Last Night, As Casey Cizikas Had His Wrist Sliced By A Skate


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but hockey players? Kind of a tough group of guys. That toughness [commonly referred to as grit around these parts] was on full display at last night’s Caps-Isles game, where friend of the program, Casey Cizikas, took a blade to the wrist just a minute into the 1st period and had to be rushed off the ice. The grittiest part of this whole story? Dude returned just 8 minutes later and went on to finish the game like nothing happened. Gritty af.

Now I know basketball and hockey are two sports rarely compared when it comes to how tough their respective athletes are, but I don’t remember the last time a basketball player sliced their wrist only to return quicker than two Elliot Smith songs could play through. In the NHL, if you cut your wrist, you throw a bandaid or two on it, slug some water, get back out there and do it again. The NBA however? You punch one measly fire extinguisher casing, something that can’t even fight back, and miss the rest of the postseason. Hardly seems fair to compare the two, IMO.

Glad to see Casey’s injury wasn’t anything worse and even gladder to have yet another injury hockey fans can hold over basketball fans, because isn’t that what all this is about?

PS – Zeeker wasn’t the only casualty the Isles took last night