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Who Do These Mailmen Think They Are Going The Extra Mile And Saving Packages From A Truck Fire?

Listen, that’s nice and all but have those mail employees never seen a single action movie? I guess not given their willingness to stand next to a burning vehicle and retrieve packages out of it. Because in every action movie ever a burning vehicle eventually explodes as the main character runs away in slow motion. It always happens. And what happened to the days when mailmen got caught on camera kicking and throwing packages instead of saving them? Those were the glory days. For real though, how did they know that truck wasn’t gonna blow up in their face? And why take that chance for a bunch of packages/Christmas presents that aren’t yours? That’s the real question. It’d be one thing to be willing to die in an explosion for a bunch of your own stuff but a bunch of strangers’ stuff? Not a damn chance. Also, hey guy behind the camera, maybe grab a fire extinguisher or call 911 instead of just standing there with your phone in your hand. Millennials smh.