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Barstool Stickers Are The Hottest Things In the Internet Streets








Introducing the newest sticker sensations on the Iphone.   The Barstool Sports sticker collection.  Collect them all.  Own them all.  Send them all.  How do you get them you ask?   Simple as fuck.

Step 1 – Download the new version of the app.

2. Open Messages
3. Tap into a conversation.
4. Click the arrow to the left of where you enter the message, and then click the App Icon.
5. Tap the icon in the lower left that looks like 4 dots.
6. Tap the “Store” icon.
7. When the store displays, click the Manage button.
8. Find the Barstool app, and turn the switch on.

Once it is on it will now display as one of your iMessages app.

This is only available on iPhones with iOS 10.