Amherst Cross Country Team Suspended For Past Emails Calling Girls "Meatslabs" And Asking If Asians Had Horizontal Vaginas

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The Indicator - A current junior member of the Amherst cross-country team sent a team-wide email containing a list of women that described their sexual histories and supposed sexual proclivities next to their photographs on June 14, 2015. The list was directed to the first-year recruits who awaited matriculation to Amherst in the fall, and purported to introduce them to the “friends of Amherst (XC).”

Another email scandal? Did every liberal arts college in the Northeast recently appoint someone to go through the servers and search for offensive email lists about women? Feel like there’s a new one of these popping up every day. Next up is the cross country team from Amherst College checking in from the quiet town of Amherst, Massachusetts…let’s check out what they got busted for.

In the email, the team member refers to one woman as “a walking STD,” and writes, “Everyone needs their meatslab,”referring to another. He describes a third woman – “Without being too mean, she is a stuck up, snobby, bitch; AKA the perfect formal date for the desperate members of our team.”

This is one entry in a series of similar emails sent during the early summer of 2015, and this series is in turn part of a misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and transphobic trend spanning verifiably from summer 2013 to summer 2015, and implicitly much further back in the team’s history.

One team member wrote on June 8, 2014, “You know the girls at your high school who aren’t that attractive or personable, so no one talks to them? Picture a college with ~900 of them and you have our lovely liberal arts institution.”

On June 24th that year, a team member asked a teammate, “do asians really have horizontal vaginas?”

In an email written three days prior to the list, a team member posted a picture of himself lying down between two women, and wrote, “Here you’ll see me with my main bitch ***** and my side hoe *****. Also notice the bump where my penis should be. That’s my penis. The upperclassmen know not to fuck around with these two lovelies, but freshman be warned: touch either of my meat slabs and I will fucking end you. Especially *****. God knows the little one can’t protect herself.”

The guide, shared with the team on June 10, also includes a description of a current junior who was kicked off the team during his first week at Amherst. The description reads, “to put things in perspective: there are roofies in that Rubinoff, this is a bedroom in a Umass frat house (the night before a meet), and those walls were pitch black before a kilo of [current junior]’s premium Colombian Coco left a hefty white coat on the entire room. To be honest, [current junior] really isn’t a bad guy. But much like a Bull in a China Shop, he did far too many drugs while allegedly sexually harassing a girl and got kicked off the team. But he’ll be back for indoor…. Right?”

Annddddd another team goes down. I don’t know what the deal is with reading personal emails like this and taking out personal conversations and punishing people for them, but it sure is happening a lot, and I’d probably play it safe by not emailing anything misogynistic. And as a general rule of thumb just not being misogynistic in general, in life.

Also, kind of just hit me that we’re talking about a cross country team here. Not exactly the sports team you picture when you hear about a story like this. Who knew biggest bad boys on campus were the distance runners in fucking Amherst.