Western Michigan (Former) Basketball Player Charged with Murder of Another Student

Joeviair Kennedy is due to be arraigned Monday in a Kalamazoo County court in Thursday’s fatal shooting of 19-year-old Jacob Jones in an off-campus apartment. Prosecutors don’t know if the 20-year-old Muskegon man has an attorney yet.

Authorities allege that Kennedy killed Jones during a robbery of a phone and money. Others were present.

Jesus Christ this is ridiculous. There’s not much to say here besides stop fucking shooting other people, but what in the living hell? Robbing a dude for a phone and money? Yeah, you’re not making the NBA, but you’re getting a pretty nice life as a D-1 basketball player. Of course Western Michigan has scrubbed him from the website already. At least head coach Steve Hawkins had a quote to make everyone feel better:

“A devastating tragedy for everybody involved.”

You don’t hear murder charges too often when it comes to the college basketball world. Let’s just hope this isn’t something even crazier like the Carlton Dotson murder of Patrick Dennehy. Again, stop fucking shooting people.