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Giants Fans: Jackrabbit Shirts Are Officially On Sale As Clamp SZN Continues To Reign Upon Us

If you bottle up Dez Bryant twice in the same season like he’s the Genie from Aladdin on your way to making the Pro Bowl your first season in New York, you get a t-shirt made for you. That simple. When Jackrabbit signed here, we heard how he could get you 6 just as easy as he could give up 6. But so far this season he has been an absolute dream and he is just as big a reason as any that the Giants are 9-4 and the only team that has beaten the Cowboys this season. So load up so you have your gear for the playoffs.

And if you are getting a Jackrabbit shirt, you might as well load up on other shirts in the store and save on having to pay shipping multiple times.






Fuck it, and here is one more Moment of Ben because last night was a huge win and this picture almost made my brain explode when I saw it this morning because it was chaotically beautiful.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants