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Ravens Congratulating Themselves for How They've Stopped Brady


Right off the bat, let me do you a favor but warning you not to click the above link. It will only connect you to one of those gawdawful NFL team site videos, that will buffer forever. You’re time is valuable to me. And I don’t want to see you waste a precious minute of it when you could spend that time buying Barstool merchandise or “From Darkness to Dynasty” for everyone on your Christmas list.

Instead, let me save you the trouble. Here’s what you’ll miss: “The Ravens beat Tom Brady in the playoffs twice. Blah blah he doesn’t like to get hit. Yadda yadda Ed Reed gave him trouble. Blah blah Lee Evans drop. Billy Cundiff missed a field goal. Blabbity blah trick formations. Lucky. Cheating. Deflated footballs. Asterisk.” There. You’re welcome.

But what the hell. Just to play the game with these low level Ravens media stormtroopers, let’s look at the numbers. In the regular season against Baltimore’s defense, Brady has performed below his career averages. He’s faced them 6 times and has 6 TDs with 3 INTs and a passer rating of 83.6 and 7.04 YPA. Which would be about average in the NFL but are well below his career stats. So good point by them.

One number I imagine they don’t bring up or gloss over (I didn’t listen either) is that in those 6 games the Pats are 5-1.

In the postseason, sure, the Ravens have managed to hit Brady with doses of Kryptonite for the most part. And yet they’re 2-2 against him. With the most recent game being a 33-for-50, 367 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT 99.3 passer rating gem in which Brady led two 14-point comebacks for the win. But I doubt that gets a lot of air time because it was all about air pressure or something.

The bottom line is I’m sure in Baltimore they’re all pinching their nipples with delight over how they’re the ones who’ve managed to hack into the GOAT’s system and find his weaknesses or whatever. Good for them. I’m sure they’re mighty proud. But in New England everybody measures success in Duckboat parades. And Tom Brady’s been to more of those than the Ravens have wins against him in his 15 years as a starter. And spent so much time in the Ravens’ heads they should be charging him rent. Stick that thorn in your sides, losers.