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Iowa Upsets #25 Iowa State In A Good Ol' Fashioned ROUT At Carver

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 9.06.36 PM


I almost didn’t wanna watch this game. Iowa STINKS at basketball this year. Well they’re mostly just super young but they lost to fucking Nebraska Omaha less than a week ago. Hyped freshman Tyler Cook is out with a broken finger. They had no business winning this game against a veteran Iowa State team. But win they did. It was never all that close (okay it was close a couple times). Peter Jok had himself a game. Nicholas “I’m The Whitest Dude In The World So Drink Every Time An Announcer Calls Me Gritty” Baer had himself a game. The biggest surprise of the night was from Iowa freshman Isaiah Moss who dropped 14 points. Anyway. Always good to beat the Cyclones especially after last season when they came back from being down 20 to beat the Hawks in Ames. It’s a Hawkeye State. Pumped to see ISU drop outta the top 25. Go Hawks.

PS- Jim Calhoun is the worst color commentator maybe of all time. BRUTAL to have to listen to him for an entire game. He never stops talking but I only understood every 11th word. At one point he compared someone to Ray Allen (no one on either team is at all like Ray Allen) and then compared Peter Jok to Luol Deng (both from the Sudan I guess). Wild stuff but really just awful.

And yeah, ISU girls are ugly. Boom roasted.