Scott Van Pelt Tells A Story About The Time He And Tiger Woods Ate Pizza Together

A couple things. One, good story. The way I feel about off-the-course Tiger Woods stories are the same way I feel about Chris Farley stories. Give them all to me. I wanna hear every last one of them. Yes, I absolutely wanna hear about the time SVP and Tiger ate pizza together after his 2002 US Open win. Tell it to me and then tell it to me again. Two, I’m a big fan of Tiger’s toppings choices. You cannot go wrong with a sausage and pepperoni pizza. Show up to any party at any location in the world with a sausage and pepperoni pizza and you will be welcomed with open arms. Lastly, and this is hard for me to say cause I’m the biggest Tiger fan boy on the planet, but it hurts my feelings that Tiger doesn’t eat his pizza crust. It’s the one thing he’s done over the course of his storied career that I cannot support. Not eating your pizza crust is what the kid nobody likes does. You have to eat the crust. It can sometimes be the best part. I have supported Tiger through thick and think. Through knee surgeries and back surgeries. Through porn stars and Denny’s waitresses. I can’t do it this time. Eat your pizza crust kids.

PS- Would I buy a Tiger Woods’ uneaten pizza crust? You bet your sweet ass I would.