Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey Makes My Dick Wiggle With Glee!

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 9.06.36 AM

Before yesterday, I had never heard Dominick the Donkey. We were doing some prep work for Podfathers in the office and Intern Ria told me that Dominick the Donkey was her favorite Christmas song. I thought it was the case of silly millennials doing millennial things. Not the case. How have I never heard this song before? Is it a regional thing? I asked PFTCommenter if he’d ever heard of it and he had a resounding no.

I then asked Big Cat. Nothing. Why has the northeast been keeping the greatest and most fun Christmas song from the rest of the country? It’s fucked up. Whatever the case, I’m glad that Dominick is in my life now and this song will be a part of my family’s lore for generations to come. JIGGITY JING! HE HAW HE HAW! IT’S DOMINIC THE DONKEY! JIGGITY JING THE ITALIAN CHRISTMAS DONKEY! HE HAW HE HAW, INDEED!