Young Thug Offers Airline Employees $15,000 Cash To Quit Their Job (I Guess This Is A Thing Now?)

So this already happened earlier in the week when Blac Youngsta, whoever the fuck that is, offered a cashier 10k to quit on the spot and she declined. Now we have Jeffery stepping up and offering 15k to some airline employees to quit.

I’ve got a few things to say here. First of all, I guess this is gonna become a trend? Rich people offering menial workers large sums of money to quit on the spot? I’m here for that. That could be fun as shit. It’s like a reality TV game show, which I think is already technically a reality show but whatever, you get the points. Offering workers money to quit is a new form of show, it’s a reality reality TV game show.

Next, why the fuck haven’t either of these people quit? If you don’t have a career and are just an hourly worker then there’s absolutely no reason to not take that upfront cash and tell your boss you quit. Neither Blac Youngsta nor Thugger demanded that they burn all their bridges. The 7/11 worker didn’t have to shit on the taquitos and the airline lady didn’t have to divert a plane and cause a 100 hour delay. They just have to quit. Fucking do that, go home for the day, then apply at Mobil or Delta tomorrow. Hell, go back to your boss and explain the situation tomorrow and they’ll probably give you your old job back. It’s a NO BRAINER to take that money.

Finally, if this is gonna become a thing, do it the way Blac Youngsta did it. Have fun with the person and be nice. I don’t care if it makes me sound like a pussy, Young Thug was fucking mean and there’s no need for that. Don’t punch down, no one likes to see that and it makes us uncomfortable. Just go up, be friendly, and offer a ton of money to a person to go home for the day. There’s no reason to be a dickhead and call the people ugly and poor and shit. If you’re rich and have to humiliate other people in order to feel big then you’re a goddamn scumbag. Sucks because I liked Young Thug too.