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Nats Trade Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning To The White Sox For Adam Eaton

And boom goes the dynamite. That is a boat load for Adam Eaton. I like Adam Eaton. He’s a speedy outfielder with pop. A solid addition, no doubt. They missed out on Sale, so they gave up seemingly more for Eaton than they wanted to pony up for Sale, which kinda sucks. All we’ve heard is how off-limits Giolito is, how he’s untradable, and I guess that changed realllll quick. I actually don’t hate that they waivered on Gio, but I am shocked they included Reynaldo Lopez in the deal too. His stuff was filthy in his time up last season, including that 7 inning, 11 strike out gem. And Dane Dunning was the Nats first round pick last year, a 6’4 pitcher.

That is a haul to send to Chicago, no doubt about it. But the Nats are in win now or never territory and in it heavy. When the goal is to win in the next 2 years, you do what you gotta do. The Nats have done EVERYTHING to hang onto their stud arms in the farm, and they finally cracked. They finally sent the young guys away to win now. So now there is no other option, no other excuses. None at all.