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Freddie Mitchell Says Dancers At Delilah's Used To Ask Him Why He Didn't Get Along With Donovan McNabb

Freddie Mitchell was on to talk to Big Ant in Philly about his relationship with McNabb, and let’s just say that Mitchell still has his fastball when there’s a mic in front of his face. He was talking shit like he was about to play on Sunday, destroying McNabb left and right. It seems like he still genuinely hates the dude, resents him and blames him for his lack of success today. The conversation is insane, he really talks about being in prison and having to make a shank.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

But I also rolled up my sleeves and transcribed some of the best quotes from the interview pertaining to the Eagles.

On McNabb:

“You think quarterbacks are so smart, but he’s got someone in his helmet…He’s not that good. He’s not that good to be able to read that progression and find Freddie Mitchell in the middle.”

On what he was trying to do to keep his relationship with McNabb:

“I would damn near try to babysit his kids. Stay in on Friday nights and babysit his children so he could go out and have fun.”

The entire stripper part:

“I was sitting up in the strip club at Delilah’s and I would have strippers coming up to me asking ‘why does he hate you so much?’ I’m trying to have a nice gentleman’s drink and they’re coming up to me saying ‘why does he hate you so much?’ I was asking ‘what are y’all talking about?’ Everyone knew it but me. When the strippers know there’s a problem, it’s time to move on to other things.”

On Nelson Agholor’s drops:

“It’s in his mind now. Too bad he went to USC instead of UCLA where he could figure that out.”

The dude just went in. And, after all, he gave us 4th and 26, one of the best sports memories of my life. He could be a mute for the rest of his life and I would love him. The quotes are just gravy.

He was FredEx. He thanked his hands. And to be honest, for all of his inconsistency, I would love to have a Freddie Mitchell on the Eagles. The guy had hands. The guy dug Donovan’s gopher balls out of the dirt. He made big plays. He believed in himself. Which is more than I can say about the Eagles receivers today.