John Wall Dropped 52 While The Wizards Still Lost, As Is Tradition

I’m so sick of this team. I’ve blogged time and time again about what a joke of a franchise they are. Now I’m just not blogging about them out of pure spite. Ted Leonsis has turned them into the laughing stock of the league. Remember in the offseason when he wrote that blog post about how great their offseason was? They signed Ian Mahinmi, Andrew Nicholson, and Jason Smith. Mahinmi has played in 1 game, Nicholson is averaging 3.6 PPG, and Smith a beautiful 2.8 PPG. That was the awesome offseason from a team who didn’t make the playoffs last year.

All the while, Ernie Grunfeld continues to run the ship. It’s unbelievable that he still has a job. Bad draft pick after bad draft pick, bad free agent signing after bad free agent signing, a complete inability to piece together and semblance of a good team and coach…and yet he just keeps coming back every year. Jeff Fisher is jealous of his ability to hold a job. Trading a 1st rounder for Markieff Morris whose effort on defense can be described, at best, as “indifferent”. Trading 2nd round pick Jordan Clarkson to the Lakers for straight up cash. And we wonder why the Wizards have no production whatsoever from the bench.

When it comes down to it, John Wall is one of the best players in the NBA right now and his talent is being completely wasted in DC. The fact the Wizards have Wall and Beal and haven’t put a supporting cast around them is unforgivable. The fact they hired bum ass Scotty Brooks to a huge contract to try to lure in KD who clearly didn’t want to come here is unforgivable. The fact the Wizards bench is the worst collect of hodge-podge D-league talents, the winner of an in-game raffle from section 402, and Air Bud’s way less athletic brother is a shame.

I have absolutely no optimism for this team, or John Wall’s future in DC. Just another guy who can’t wait to leave.