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Vancouver's Philip Larsen Stretchered Off Ice In New Jersey After Huge Hit From Taylor Hall

Incredibly scary scene in New Jersey tonight after Philip Larsen was the recipient of this huge hit from Taylor Hall. I think at this point everybody knows that I love huge hits. I love hockey because it’s violent, but in a weirdly beautiful way. With that being said–you never want to see something like this happen to a guy. Now obviously there was nothing intentionally malicious about the hit from Hall. He’s forechecking hard and just happens to catch Larsen turning his head around at the absolute worst time possible. This type of thing is going to happen in hockey from time to time. There’s no way around it. It sucks and the only thing you can do is hope that there’s no long-lasting serious injury to Larsen and that he’s able to make a speedy recovery.

But holy fucking shit are hockey players stupid or what? I get that you want to defend your teammate who just got smoked with that hit but at least move away from the guy before a donnybrook breaks out. You literally had guys kicking his unconscious head trying to get into the pushing and shoving. Fucking morons. I mean, I get it. But still. Use a little common sense there, eh boys?

In less gut wrenching news from the Prudential Center tonight… Uncle Chaps got to meet his hero.

So handsome.