I Am Ready To Become A Soccer Fan After Seeing This Trick Penalty Shot

I’ve never been a soccer guy for a lot of reasons (save for when it’s the World Cup because rooting for your country against the world is always awesome): The hipster fans, the overwhelming amount of games/leagues, and of course the fake injuries. Nothing will turn a soccer hater into a hardo quicker than a bad fake injury. Not because of the intent to better your team, but because it’s just so lame. We live in a country where 300 pounders can run 4.6 40s and cut on a dime. We clearly don’t care about trying to get an advantage. But don’t disrespect us with that fake injury shit.

Which is why I loved this trick shot. Again, you should be doing whatever it takes to win by hook or by crook but without some dude crying like he took a shotgun point blank to the leg. Sleight of hand is also the reason why people love the hidden ball trick, the entire catalog of White Chocolate highlights, or magic tricks illusions. If we get more plays like this, soccer just may have a future as a Top 4 sport in this country.