Behold The Greatest Sit Down Bitch Slap In Human History

Fatality. You hear that? That’s the sound of brain cells and dignity leaving one’s body. And judging by how he happily welcomed the slap combined with the salmon shorts, there wasn’t much or either left to begin with. But good Lord, that’s one open faced haymaker from hell. The most shocking part is he got enough torque on that puppy while sitting down. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty nervous about squaring up against the mayor of the office Lolli-Pop-Guild next year from my knees. My main concern is punching as as soft as I do while fighting in my dreams. We’re talking about throwing pure pillows. One training session with this dude and Nate’s face would be as ugly as The Elephant Man’s. Even more so.

I seriously can’t stop watching this hit. I haven’t seen a 5 hands saying to the face like that since the nerd who got slapped at the speed of sound and had his glasses vaporize into thin air. Poof, bitches.